Revisiting the Campaign Plan 2

19 Jan

Even more delays intervened between the September post and this one. Several leads for campaign manager failed to develop, but recently Derek Blair was suggested and turned out to be excellent. He is working on reviving the inactive and weak website before January 2016.

My immediate personal goals are to continue regular meetings with Derek, to gather petition signatures for nomination as the 100th Kansas House District Democrat candidate, to recruit added campaign team members (plus Democrat precinct committeemen and committeewomen for the ten precincts which make up the 100th District ), and to make plans for activity between now and the primary election.


Revisiting the campaign plan 1

11 Sep

Since my last post I’ve had some delays and a two-week vacation, so the campaign is at the same point it was then. I still want to target recruiting campaign team members and 10 to 15 precinct committeemen or committeewomen by the end of 2015; I just have less time in which to do it, only the rest of September and all of October, November, and December.

Now my immediate target date is to recruit a campaign manager, at least one other campaign team member, and at least two precinct committeemen or committeewomen by the end of September. Then I can set target dates for October’s recruiting.

Meanwhile, I have continued to keep up with new developments in my campaign emphasis on economy, education, environment, and equal opportunity as they affect Kansas. Kansas continues to lag behind surrounding states and the country as a whole in economic development, continues to show dangerous tendencies resulting from the ongoing underfunding of education, continues to ignore environmental problems, and continues to see disparity between the poor and the wealthy increase. Governor Brownback’s Republican administration continues to idolize the discredited trickle-down voodoo economics of Leffler, who was discarded as an advisor by President Reagan before the end of his second term. Right now, 2016 is looking pretty good for Democrats in Kansas.

Gearing Up

4 Jul

I’m still looking for a campaign manager, a treasurer, a fund-raiser, an internet-marketing specialist, and a volunteer coordinator. At the moment I’m doing all five jobs myself, and I haven’t had much success. I’m planning to make a few calls (I figure 50 calls may be necessary for each recruit) starting over the 4th of July weekend to registered Democrats in the precincts or the 100th Kansas House District, which should be my best source for such help (and which would leave Democrats outside the 100th Kansas House District to help with campaigns in their own districts or on a national level) and for filling 19 or 20 precinct committeemen/committeewomen vacancies.

My target is to get as many campaign team members & precinct people as possible by the end of 2015, so as to start concentrating on serious fund-raising, marketing without spending (visiting Democrats, having listening meetings, blogging more regularly, sending email blasts and letters to editors, website development, search engine optimization, etc.), and marketing through spending (yard signs, mailings, additional business cards and flyers/door-hangers, etc.).

The 2015 Legislative Session in Kansas

14 Jun

The 2015 legislative session in Kansas is over. Republicans had veto-proof majorities in both houses and a firmly entrenched governor. But most of the legislation passed hurt the people of Kansas, especially the poor and the lower middle-class. So that makes 2016 a promising election year for the Democrats.

The legislative session was the longest and the most expensive one on record. Fiscal issues prevented the constitutionally required tax and budget bills from being passed until the session went 23 days over the budgeted 90 days, costing the state more than half a million dollars, added to the multi-million-dollar shortfall of income needed to reach the constitutionally required balanced budget for the coming year. At this point the governor has to cut spending. already dramatically lower than what is necessary to provide adequate education and infrastructure for the state. Education operaing costs, in particular, already under court order to be adjusted upwards, has instead been cut significantly, and education is by far the largest single iteme in the state budget..

Westlink Neighborhood Association 4

23 May

This morning I all but finished delivering 700+ LinkLetters (the Westlink Neighborhood Association bi-monthly newsletters) to the bulk of the residents in the 519th Precinct, a second soggy day of walking the streets; there are some 18 newsletters left to deliver tomorrow afternoon, Sunday. The next day is Memorial Day, with the Westlink Neighborhood sponsoring the 9th annual Memorial Day ice-cream social at the Country Acres Baptist Church, a block from where I live, and I hope to meet lots of people I haven’t met before, with the aim of recruiting at least one or two to help with the next LinkLetter delivery in July and subsequently.

Then this afternoon I attended the Sedgwick County Democratic Party gathering and formally announced that I would be running again for the 100th Kansas House District seat in 2016. One of my main goals is to have at least 10 precinct committeepersons in the Kansas 100th District (there is only one, myself, now) by the end of 2015, as a base for the 2016 campaign, and I hope to have filled all 6 positions in the 3 precincts which make up the Westlink Neighborhood Association part of the 10 precincts in the Kansas 100th District well bfore December.

I enjoy volunteering for Westlink Neighborhood Association activities and being on its Board of Directors. It is an added benefit that it helps me get to know some of the people in the Kansas 100th House District.

Westlink Neighborhood Association 3

8 May

I am gradually getting to know a few more residents of the Westlink Neighborhood Association, 4 or 5 who attend Covenant Presbyterian Church (a half mile north of the Westlink Neighborhood Association, but near the center of the 100th Kansas House district), where I now belong, and of course a large number who attend the neighborhood meetings, deliver the neighborhood’s bimonthly Linkletter, are registered Democrats, live nearby, or all of the above. I still lack Democrat Precinct leaders, even in the three precincts which make up the Westlink Neighborhood Association.

As I contact the residents of the neighborhood, I find out more about them. Sooner or later I will be able to identify a few more people willing to tackle neighborhood problems or at least willing to identify problems previously unidentified. Some may become the leaders the area needs.

Westlink Neighborhood Association 2

3 May

The Westlink Neighborhood Association has its annual Memorial Day party coming up at the Country Acres Baptist Church, just down 10th Street from where I live. It is usually the best-attended members meeting of the year, with ice cream donated by the Park West Plaza retirement community (which also hosted the January membership meeting), activities for children, a silent auction, and live music.

Gil Alvarez, principal of Northwest High School, across Tyler Road from the Country Acres Baptist Church, is working with the Westlink Neighborhood Association to identify high-school students who might wish to help deliver the associations’s LinkLetter newsletter, assist at the Memorial Day party, or do other kinds of community service for the association. I will also be contacting households within the association’s boundaries to find people interested in any volunteer opportunities.

Wichita Independent Neighborhoods, the umbrella organizations over all the neighborhood associations, is working to see whether any additional neighborhoods  on the West side of Wichita, would like to set up neighborhood associations. The newly elected mayor of Wichita, Jeff Longwell, was a strong supporter of the Westlink Neighborhood Association and will now be in a position to help develop other neighborhood associations in Wichita. There is hope that Wichita will be able to attract the national organization of neighborhood association to hold it annual meeting in Wichita within the next few years.

Westlink Neighborhood Association

16 Mar

Tony Decker, one of the founders of the Westlink Neighborhood Association (WNA) and a wonderful person, died unexpectedly. He and his wife Jan kept the records of Westlink members’ activity and kept the bimonthly LinkLetter newsletter going and distributed. In particular, Tony supervised the distribution.

I have been a member of the WNA Board of Directors, one of the distributors of the LinkLetter south of Central, and charged with recruiting more distributor volunteers. I haven’t been very good at recruiting volunteers, but Tony’s initiative made it possible to recruit one new distributor South of Central starting with the January issue and another starting with the March issue, cutting back a little on my own distribution area. However, I will have to pick up some of what Tony did in supervising getting the LinkLetters to the volunteer distributors. (Someone else is picking up another matter Tony handled, email messages.)

Since one of the ten precincts in the 100th Kansas House district is WNA’s square mile South of Central and two more in the square mile North of Central, I gradually get to know a few voters in the 100th District as I enjoy doing my volunteer work with the WNA.

Washington Days 2

5 Mar

It looks like I’ll be missing Washington Days in Topeka again this year. My car is in for a replacement bumper, I haven’t located anyone for a ride, and my wife has a medical appointment on Friday the 6th. It’s not all bad; I’ll have more time to contact people right here in Wichita in my 100th Kansas House district.

Tuesday the 3rd I was an election clerk in my own district at the Country Acres Baptist Church polling place, just a block away from my house. This was a city primary election, and I am not running for any city office, so there was no conflict with my being on the ballot, as there was in previous elections I worked. Walking one block to the polling place instead of driving several miles made for a shorter day. And I had a chance to chat with a number of my friends in the neighborhood as they voted and to identify a few of the voters I hadn’t previously met.

Washington Days: 1

23 Feb

Washington Days, the annual Kansas Democrat Party gathering in Topeka, is coming up, March 6-7. Leading up to it, I have been getting some advice from Perry Schuckman and Jim Lawing about developing my campaign for the KS 100th seat.

Keeping up with my Westlink Neighborhood Association (WNA) activities, one of the WNA founders and the mobilizer of the LinkLetter distribution team died, and I have been spending extra time following up with the newest distributors in the South part of the WNA area, the 519th Precinct.

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