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ks100th 5

27 Jun

A couple of candidate forums are coming up, one set up by the Farm Bureau for Tuesday, July 10th, the other one to be held at the Reflection Ridge Retirement Communities and Home on Thursday, July 12th. I look forward to meeting other candidates in various races, both Democrats and Republicans, in particular to meeting the two Republicans running for the 100th District seat.

The Eagle has also sent out a thorough questionnaire for candidates to answer. The story resulting from the questionnaire should provide good information and make further research about my opponents much easier.

Thursday of this week I pick up new business cards and start planning brochures and a website with my printer and my designer. Meanwhile, I’ll be getting back to recruiting a campaign manager and campaign team members.


Ks100th 4

23 Jun

Yesterday, June 22nd, I had my usual Friday morning half-hour business meeting with Adam Friesen, a young artist who is also one of my best political consultants, as he keeps up with the news and thinks about it. This time we didn’t deal with politics at all nor with business very much, talking instead about his mother’s garage sale (then going on) and about the good growing weather for his garden, but he did mention recent writing he is doing on an article that is morphing into two separate articles and new images he is creating.


KS100th 3

21 Jun

The Kansas Association of School Boards had an advocacy meeting this morning, June 21st, at Ortiz Elementary School, a new school building on Arkansas near the corner of 33rd. Some twenty candidates for various state offices and Esau Freeman, candidate for the 4th Congressional District, were present, along with a similar number of School Board members from school districts in Sedgwick County and nearby counties.

Mark Talllman, Associate Executive Director for Advocacy, Kansas Association of School Boards, gave an informative powerpoint presentation and entertained questions from the audience. I enjoyed attending, chatting with 10 or 15 friends, and meeting new people. Getting a sense of the Kansas Association of School Boards’ views on Kansas Educational Achievement & Funding was helpful, especially given my commitment to working for the children of Kansas.

KS100th 2

19 Jun

Already Kansans for Life, Americans for Prosperity, the Wichita Eagle, the Kansas Organization of State Employees, and the National Rifle Association have sent me questionnaires for me to fill out, also one PAC telephoned. The Wichita Eagle was a good, thorough, objective questionnaire which made me think. The others were mostly concerned with particular matters associated with their own concerns, easy for me to answer, one of them quite objectionable in the way it presented the questionnaire.

The questionnaires also made me realize that I am not as far along as I should be in getting website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and so forth all set up, since the questions seemed to expect that I would have them ready to use, and I don’t.

So I can’t even put links in this blog for any readers to use yet. But I’m working on it.

The Kansas 100th: 1

18 Jun

The Kansas 100th House District, recently created by the judiciary, is mostly the area between Tyler and Maize from Maple to 37th, with an Eastern extension to Ridge between13th and 29th, and a Western extension to 119th between 29th & 37th. I live in the Westlink Neighborhood, just West of Tyler at 9025 W. 10th, a little South of the District’s geographical center.

The children of Kansas are its future and its most important resource. The main job of the Kansas legislatue is to see that all the children of Kansas have the best possible future, with the best possible education, the best possible protection from disasters and injustice, the best possible access to health services, and the best possible promise of equal opportunity to develop each child to his or her full potential.

Follow this blog to see what might be done to give the children of Kansas such a future, and comment on posts when you have questions or suggestions.