KS100th 2

19 Jun

Already Kansans for Life, Americans for Prosperity, the Wichita Eagle, the Kansas Organization of State Employees, and the National Rifle Association have sent me questionnaires for me to fill out, also one PAC telephoned. The Wichita Eagle was a good, thorough, objective questionnaire which made me think. The others were mostly concerned with particular matters associated with their own concerns, easy for me to answer, one of them quite objectionable in the way it presented the questionnaire.

The questionnaires also made me realize that I am not as far along as I should be in getting website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and so forth all set up, since the questions seemed to expect that I would have them ready to use, and I don’t.

So I can’t even put links in this blog for any readers to use yet. But I’m working on it.


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