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Ks100th 7

17 Jul

Adriene Burns, a neighbor down the street, introduced me to her friend, Amber Sawyer, who agreed to be my campaign manager. Amber has just moved into a new home with her husband and works full-time, but is good at delegating, so will find time to work with new campaign team members and with me, to make sure we are all doing what we ought to be doing and what we are happy doing.

The Kansas Farm Bureau’s Sedgwick County branch had its candidates’ forum on Tuesday, July 10th, at Eberly Farms, and the Sedgwick County Democratic Party had its Barnburner in the Heartland get-together on Saturday, July 14th, at Prairie Pines. I enjoyed meeting other candidates, supporters, and sponsors of the events. I was near the end of the candidates present on both occasions, so I made sure my few words were very few words.

The Reflection Ridge Retirement Home and Communities candidates’ forum has been postponed from Thursday, July 12th, to Thursday, July 26th. I’m looking forward to using my full allotted time to talk about issues, since there should be a good number of my 100th District voters in attendance, unlike at last week’s events.


ks100th 6

4 Jul

Marisa Smith, a designer who is helping create the website, is also working on developing the Facebook page and on setting up a second blog, one which will address issues affecting the Kansas 100th District. We will be meeting weekly, whenever we’re both available, in addition to my weekly meetings with Adam Friesen. Meanwhile, I am working on getting additional members for the campaign team.

Jane Byrnes, from We the People of Kansas, and I met with Mayor Carl Brewer and later with the city attorney in an effort to get some action on a proposed proclamation which would have the City of Wichita endorsing constitutional amendments to reverse the effects of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission case. The exponential increase in the amounts being expended on elections since the Citizens United decision is tending to make winning elections a matter of who can raise the most money rather than who is best suited to represent the voters, changing the United States from a democracy, government by the people, towards a plutocracy, government by the wealthy.