Ks100th 8

3 Aug

In the recent hot weather, most of the campaign activity has been by phone, but Jane Byrnes joined me in walking through streets next to where I live, knocking on the doors of people I had telephoned earlier and encouraging them to vote in the August 7th primary, even though the 4th Kansas District for the U.S. House of Representatives is the only contested race on the Democrat ballot.

I did a little walking by myself in a precinct, mostly visiting Democrats I had talked with on the phone. Two I hadn’t visited before are volunteering to work on the campaign, Patrick Wimbley with social media when he finishes helping his father move, and Cliff Ratner doing.some phoning.

Meanwhile, Marisa Smith has designed a website and a postcard, and Amber Sawyer is almost finished with the painting and other chores associated with moving into a new home so will soon be starting to coordinate the volunteers, plan future campaign activities, and generally develop future directions.

While phoning before the August 7th primary date is mostly directed towards encouraging Democrats to vote in the primary, the primary longer-range goal is to identify Democrats with a commitment to winning the 100th Kansas District election and with the time and energy to work on the campaign. A secondary aim is to find Democrats willing to have yard signs starting in October, and that aim is attracting an increasing number.


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