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Filing by fee

31 May

Enough petition signatures were invalidated (mostly due to signers who turned out not to be registered as Democrats) that I ended up having to file by paying the fee after all. I don’t regret the time spent gathering signatures, as it got me into contact with potential constituents; I just regret not having gathered a few more signatures over the minimum required, when doing so would have obviated paying the fee!


Filing by petition

28 May

Filing by petition.

Filing by petition

28 May

Today I hope to get the signatures on the petitions sheets validated so that I may transit the petitions to Topeka and get on the primary ballot.
Walking around to get petition signatures is enjoyable and a good way to get to know Democrats in the 100th District. This time I just got signatures from people in my 517th Precinct and an adjoining district, the 519th.

Completing filing by petition

26 May

May 26, 2014, Memorial Day: Finishing getting signatures in order to file as the Democratic Party candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives 100th District, and helping with the Westlink Neighborhood Association ice-cream social at the Country Acres Baptist Church (Tyler and 10th)