The Precincts: 1

2 Jun

I walked 5 miles this morning, through the 516th and 515th precincts to the Bank of the West branch at the Southwest corner of Maize and 21st, then back, with a stop at Dillons (the Northwest corner of 13th and Tyler) to pick up some prescriptions.
The 100th Kansas House of Representatives consists of eleven precincts, the 508th through the 519th, with the exception of the 512th. The 519th Precinct, the farthest South, is the square mile between Maple and Central (South to North) and between Tyler and Maize (East to West); it includes the Rolling Hills Country Club golf course in the Southwest corner and a large park just North of the golf course, so there is not quite as much room for houses and apartments as in the four precincts just North of it. The 518th and 517th precincts take up the square mile immediately North, going up to 13th Street, the 518th being everything West of the Westlink Creek, the 517th everything East of it. Then come the 516th and 515th precincts, making up the next square mile North, going up to 21st Street, the 516th being everything South of 17th and Westport, the 515th everything North. The 514th Precinct continues immediately North, up to 29th Street, taking up the whole square mile.
The 513th is sparsely settled, the only precinct covering more than one square mile and the only one extending West of Maize, going from Tyler to 119th East and West, and from 29th to 37th South and North, plus adding a small chunk North of 37th and West of Maize.
The 511th and 510th precincts take up the square mile between Tyler and Ridge West to East, and 29th and 21st North to South, with the 511th being a small chunk in the Northwest corner, the 510th (including the Reflection Ridge golf course and the Reflection Ridge Retirement Community) all the rest of the square mile.
Finally the square mile immediately to the South of the 510th has the 509th and 508th precincts, the 509th being everything North of 17th and Westport, the 508th everything South.
More on the precincts in the next post.


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