Precincts: 2

8 Jun

In Kansas, each precinct is entitled to one committeeman and one committeewoman for each recognized party, although few precincts have filled their allotted slots, and even fewer have contested elections. These men and women elect the party’s county officers and help select delegates to district, state, and national conventions. I am the elected committeeman, my wife the elected committeewoman, for the Democratic Party in the 517th precinct.

The main jobs for precinct people are getting to know the residents of the precinct as much as feasible, assisting party candidates for any office (especially for offices within whose boundaries the precinct fits), getting party members (and other supporters) registered or provided with advance ballots, and attending party meetings. I and my wife do poorly on all of these tasks, so one of our additional hopes is to recruit successors who will do better.


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