The Primary

23 Jun

A lot has happened since the last post. I gathered more signatures than were needed for filing by petition, but more were invalidated than I had thought possible, so I had to apply by paying the filing fee at the last moment, with the aid of the Kansas Democratic Party and the Sedgwick County Democratic Party. No other Democrat in the 100th District filed, so I am running unopposed in the primary election in August.

Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon came down from Topeka for some campaign advice, and I have started setting up a campaign team, opening my campaign account, making plans for reaching key Democrats in the 100th District before the primary election, and answering surveys coming in from various interest groups. The most interesting one is the survey from People for the American Way, the main propaganda and funding body for the extreme right-wing Republicans; it gives me a chance to state my position on issues about which I feel strongly. There has also been my first invitation to attend an issues event involving all candidates in the area who choose to attend, this one sponsored by local education supervisors at Mulvane High School.

I haven’t yet checked to see whether Dan Hawkins, the Republican incumbent has an opponent, and, if so, who. He beat a Tea-Party=supported candidate to win his first term back in 2012. 


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