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The Campaign: 1

12 Jul

Recruiting team members and a campaign manager has not gone quickly, but Mel Kahn of the Wichita State University Political Science faculty is looking to see whether any of his past, present, or future students might be interested in the experience of being a campaign manager, Kate Davis of the Kansas Democratic Party gave me a lot of leads when I conferred with her earlier this week, and I continue to meet new residents in the 100th District, so I have every expectation of finding a campaign manager and the nucleus of a campaign team by the end of July. Dan Hawkins, the Republican incumbent, has no primary opponent, so things are pretty quiet in the 100th District.

The noisiest campaigns so far are those of Republican contenders for the 4th Congressional District, for the Senate seat, and, to a lesser extent, for the governorship and one judicial race.

The Kansas Farm Bureau dinner for candidates is scheduled at almost the same time as the Education affair, so I will need to put in a very brief appearance with the educators, then on to the Kansas Farm Bureau. There are no farms to speak of in the 100th District, but farming is a crucial industry for Kansas, so it is important for me to be at the Farm Bureau dinner.

I will be an election worker for the Sedgwick County primary election, helping with advance voting at Grace Presbyterian Church on the East side of Wichita and on Election Day at the Andale City Hall, a little ways out of Wichita to the Northwest. This is not in any way campaign work, but I enjoy doing it–I was working at the Andale City Hall in 2012 on both the Primary and the General Elections.