The Demofest

30 Aug

Demofest on Friday the 21st of August and Saturday the 22nd was invigorating. Joan Wagnon hosted the Platform discussions and revisions on Friday, in which I participated as a precinct committeeman, although I had to leave halfway through.

The invigorating part came on Saturday, when I started out in the morning helping at Perry Schuckman’s table, listening to world-class violin music by Alla Aranovskaya at the adjoining Hillary for President table, and distributing reminder notes to attendees at the morning caucuses about Perry’s afternoon 4th Congressional District caucus stump speech. I hadn’t planned to attend the luncheon or the dinner, but Carolyn Bridges gave me a ticket she couldn’t use, so I went to both. At the luncheon, all the candidates for state-wide office spoke (except for Paul Davis, the candidate for governor), and all of them spoke well.

In the afternoon, I helped set up the room for the 4th Congressional District caucus, covered Perry Schuckman’s table while he spoke, and helped clear up the room afterwards. Then I had a chance to visit the tables for all the other state-wide candidates before the rally sponsored by the Derby educators, at which Paul Davis gave a brilliant analysis of the harm Brownback had done to education in Kansas, to employment in Kansas, and to state finances by his slavish following of the discredited trickle-down economic theory.

At the dinner Saturday evening prospective Governor Davis followed introductions of major givers (and of all the candidates) with his analysis of Brownback’s failure to improve the quantity or quality of employment in Kansas and his damage to state finances by following discredited economic and political theory, kowtowing to the wealthy at the expense of the middle classes and the poor.


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