After Demofest

31 Aug

Demofest weekend (August 22-23) was followed by South Wichita Democrat Club at the Sedgwick County Democratic Party headquarters on Monday, August 25, and, for me, a gathering at the home of Oscar and Estelle Martinez on Tuesday the 26th.

The South Wichita Democrat Club regularly raises funds for Democratic Party state office candidates every other year, and this year they outdid themselves, raising much more money than two years ago, even though that was a presidential and state-senator election year, attracting much more attention than this year’s non-presidential and non-state-senator year. Having their meeting at county headquarters also meant more political activity going on, with Davis-Docking gubernatorial yard signs being moved to quick-access storage just as the meeting was getting ready to begin.

The Tuesday evening event was set up by Kate Davis, assigned by the state party to coordinate some of the election activity in Sedgwick County. She had already had some contact with the host family and its guests, and I got to meet all of them, to find out something about them, and to tell them something about myself. I will be contacting all of them after the Labor Day weekend. They suggested that I have a brochure about what issues matter the most for me, so I am preparing a draft of the brochure text to run by them for a critique.

Demofest and the two subsequent events I attended got my campaign moving.


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