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Several Events

30 Sep

Since DemoFest, back in August, a number of things have happened. On August 25th, the Wichita South Democrats Club had a meeting at the Sedgwick County Democratic Party Headquarters and heard from candidates for state office. On August 26th Oscar and Estella Martinez had a home party to introduce me to some other Democrats in the 100th District. On August 29th a generous check came in, which allowed cards and door-hangers to be ordered. On September 15th Wichita Independent Neighborhoods had a forum, with candidates given a chance to speak. On September 16th the League of Women Voters had a similar event. Altogether, campaign activity has heated up in preparation for the final October push.

Much of the campaign now involves telephone calls, home visits, and walking through the many streets in the 100th District, making sure more people get to know about my stand on the issues that concern them and which issues are most important for me. The campaign also involves getting a website going, linking the website to blogs and social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, and having a daily presence on the internet.

Travis Keraly, a young neighbor, has helped design the website, and Cheryl Gnad, a friend from another district, is tying up loose ends in the internet social-network marketing side; she also acts as an accountability partner, keeping me alert to what I need to be doing daily to make the social-network marketing effective. More volunteers within the district will be coming on board as well.

I’m hoping to have a public discussion set up involving Sherry Livingston, the Democrat candidate from the adjoining 105th district, and our respective opponents. We’ll see whether that pans out.