The 100th Kansas House District

1 Oct

The 100th Kansas House District is a wonderful place to live. It include 12 precincts, 7 of them in the North-South tier between Maize and Tyler from Maple on the South to 37th on the North, with 3 to the East between Tyler and Ridge from 13th on the South to 29th on the North, and 2 to the West between Maize and 119th from 21st to 37th.

It contains the 2 highest-rated public non-magnet elementary schools in Wichita (McCollum and Peterson) and is immediately adjacent on the East side of Tyler to the highest-rated public non-magnet middle school, Wilbur, and the highest-rated public non-magnet high school, Northwest. The 5 precincts North of 21st are in the highly-rated Maize School District. And the topnotch Catholic schools, St Francis of Assisi Elementary School and Bishop Carroll High School are also immediately to the East. Cowley County College’s administrative headquarters for Wichita are in the district, as are Tabor College’s Wichita center and a National American University center, plus numerous learning centers.

For health care, Wesley’s Emergency Center and its Rehabilitation Hospital, Via Christi’s 21st Street at Reflection Ridge Clinic, and a large number of specialized hospitals, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, audiologists, and other health service providers are scattered through the district and its immediate surroundings.

The 100th District contains over a dozen churches, the New Market Square shopping area. over 50 other businesses (not counting home businesses), a dozen banks, and well over a dozen restaurants. It has two country clubs with golf courses, Rolling Hills and Reflection Ridge; the Reflection Ridge Retirement Village has unique luxurious features. The Westlink Neighborhood Association, comprising the southernmost 3 precincts, is regularly recognized by the Wichita Independent Neighborhoods as an outstanding example.

Housing in the district ranges from affordable to highest luxury, with new houses and apartment buildings going up steadily. Parks abound, and open fields are still to be seen.

That’s enough puffery. The 100th Kansas House District is a wonderful place to live–and vote.


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