Issues: Global Warming (posted by John Willoughby October 13, 2014)

14 Oct

Global warming is generally acknowledged to be a scientifically established trend, with measured steadily rising temperatures of the worldwide average, steadily melting icecaps and glaciers, and steadily rising sea levels. Also generally acknowledged is that this constitutes a climate crisis and that release of methane and carbon dioxide due to human activity is a major contributor to the climate crisis.

The Heritage Foundation and other groups funded by and representing reactionary commercial interests attempt to downplay the climate crisis, and there may be legitimate questions as to exactly how much the human activity contributes to global warming, but the consensus of scientists in the United States and worldwide is that human activity is the most significant variable in the steadily increasing problem, far more important than the recent volcanic activity in Chile, Iceland, Indonesia, and Japan, although that is probably making the problem worse than it would otherwise be.

Kansas is not at risk for flooding from rising oceans, but it does have a national interest in the problems faced by the coastal states, and it faces its own problems from the likelihood of rising temperatures and decreasing rainfall accelerating the water problems of the Western half of Kansas as the Ogallala Aquifer is depleted. Wichita and Central Kansas in general must make massive investments to assure its adequate water supply in the future, and those investments need state support which is not available under the present reckless administration’s unnecessary cuts in income taxes for the very wealthy, which makes Wichita turn to a regressive sales tax to improve its needs for water, infrastructure, and an improved employment situation.


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