Issues: Health and Human Services (posted by John Willoughby 10/17/14)

17 Oct

Brownback and the tea-party Republicans have pushed through an administrative takeover of federal programs (KanCare) in the human services area. It has already cut down on the funding for human services in both the purely governmental area and the previous private-public collaborations. The result has been catastrophic cutbacks in services available to the disabled, the poor, the elderly, children, and the chronically ill. All the indications are that the administration and its tea-party puppets in the legislature are planning further cuts in services for the most needy Kansans, using the budget problems caused by their own elimination of one source of revenue after another as justification..

Now they are planning takeover of Medicare from the federal area in order to make cuts in the health services for these same disadvantaged Kansans, after having already turned back Medicaid funds already paid for by Kansans (the rejected funds to be distributed to states which have already accepted the original funds). The ultimate aim seems to be lowering medical service to Kansans unable to cover the steadily increasing costs of health care, with no attempt to control or alleviate those rising costs.

I see no compassion for anyone except the most wealthy in this policy.


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