Conservatism (posted by John Willoughby 10/26/14)

26 Oct

Conservatism means saving what is best. The word usually suggests sticking to time-tested,values, such as love, peace, freedom, justice, sharing, beauty, truth, progress, compassion, sustainability, patience, courage–the list could go on and on, and the examples given here are not intended to represent any specific order or priority.

Conservatism is a cognate term to conservation. Concern for the environment, for air, water, and soil, for all forms of life, for societies and cultures, for individual people–these are parts of the environment deserving conservation and should be parts of conservatism.

Conservatism is not only conservation of the past, although that is a very strong component of conservatism. Conservatism means commitment to building a better future, seeking out new ideas for building a better future, testing new ideas through open discussion, listening to proposals which at first glance might seem different from what would produce the best future. Conservatism usually prefers incremental improvement rather than revolutionary change, This means providing opportunity for individuals throughout the world to become free from poverty, misery, violence, authoritarianism, corruption, and injustice–all breeding grounds for revolutionary change.

Conservatism is not only economic and does not place accumulation of wealth as a necessary component of success, although it certainly has no objection to accumulation of wealth, as long as the accumulation of wealth by part of society and parts of the world is not at the expense of keeping other parts of any society down.

By this definition of conservatism, I am a solid conservative.


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