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Washington Days: 1

23 Feb

Washington Days, the annual Kansas Democrat Party gathering in Topeka, is coming up, March 6-7. Leading up to it, I have been getting some advice from Perry Schuckman and Jim Lawing about developing my campaign for the KS 100th seat.

Keeping up with my Westlink Neighborhood Association (WNA) activities, one of the WNA founders and the mobilizer of the LinkLetter distribution team died, and I have been spending extra time following up with the newest distributors in the South part of the WNA area, the 519th Precinct.

My new blog on and my old one on also need attention and linking to this one and to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and other pages.



9 Feb

I am developing income streams to help support fund-raising for the 2016 election, contacting registered Democrats in my precinct (and the nearest other precincts), and recruiting campaign workers, including a campaign manager. Volunteers are welcome!

The Westlink Neighborhood Association comprises the three precincts at the Southern base of the Kansas 100th House of Representatives District, the 517th (where I live), the 518th (West of the little ditch), and the 519th (South of Central). North of 13th are the 516th and 515th precincts, East of them the 508th and 509th, and North of the 516th and the 509th the 510th, 511th, 513th, and 514th.

Now. if I can recruit a committeeman and a committeewoman for each of those precincts, a campaign manager (plus a communications expert, an internet marketing expert, and a fund-raiser for the campaign team), I’ll be pretty well set to get busy with the campaign!