Westlink Neighborhood Association

16 Mar

Tony Decker, one of the founders of the Westlink Neighborhood Association (WNA) and a wonderful person, died unexpectedly. He and his wife Jan kept the records of Westlink members’ activity and kept the bimonthly LinkLetter newsletter going and distributed. In particular, Tony supervised the distribution.

I have been a member of the WNA Board of Directors, one of the distributors of the LinkLetter south of Central, and charged with recruiting more distributor volunteers. I haven’t been very good at recruiting volunteers, but Tony’s initiative made it possible to recruit one new distributor South of Central starting with the January issue and another starting with the March issue, cutting back a little on my own distribution area. However, I will have to pick up some of what Tony did in supervising getting the LinkLetters to the volunteer distributors. (Someone else is picking up another matter Tony handled, email messages.)

Since one of the ten precincts in the 100th Kansas House district is WNA’s square mile South of Central and two more in the square mile North of Central, I gradually get to know a few voters in the 100th District as I enjoy doing my volunteer work with the WNA.


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