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Westlink Neighborhood Association 4

23 May

This morning I all but finished delivering 700+ LinkLetters (the Westlink Neighborhood Association bi-monthly newsletters) to the bulk of the residents in the 519th Precinct, a second soggy day of walking the streets; there are some 18 newsletters left to deliver tomorrow afternoon, Sunday. The next day is Memorial Day, with the Westlink Neighborhood sponsoring the 9th annual Memorial Day ice-cream social at the Country Acres Baptist Church, a block from where I live, and I hope to meet lots of people I haven’t met before, with the aim of recruiting at least one or two to help with the next LinkLetter delivery in July and subsequently.

Then this afternoon I attended the Sedgwick County Democratic Party gathering and formally announced that I would be running again for the 100th Kansas House District seat in 2016. One of my main goals is to have at least 10 precinct committeepersons in the Kansas 100th District (there is only one, myself, now) by the end of 2015, as a base for the 2016 campaign, and I hope to have filled all 6 positions in the 3 precincts which make up the Westlink Neighborhood Association part of the 10 precincts in the Kansas 100th District well bfore December.

I enjoy volunteering for Westlink Neighborhood Association activities and being on its Board of Directors. It is an added benefit that it helps me get to know some of the people in the Kansas 100th House District.


Westlink Neighborhood Association 3

8 May

I am gradually getting to know a few more residents of the Westlink Neighborhood Association, 4 or 5 who attend Covenant Presbyterian Church (a half mile north of the Westlink Neighborhood Association, but near the center of the 100th Kansas House district), where I now belong, and of course a large number who attend the neighborhood meetings, deliver the neighborhood’s bimonthly Linkletter, are registered Democrats, live nearby, or all of the above. I still lack Democrat Precinct leaders, even in the three precincts which make up the Westlink Neighborhood Association.

As I contact the residents of the neighborhood, I find out more about them. Sooner or later I will be able to identify a few more people willing to tackle neighborhood problems or at least willing to identify problems previously unidentified. Some may become the leaders the area needs.

Westlink Neighborhood Association 2

3 May

The Westlink Neighborhood Association has its annual Memorial Day party coming up at the Country Acres Baptist Church, just down 10th Street from where I live. It is usually the best-attended members meeting of the year, with ice cream donated by the Park West Plaza retirement community (which also hosted the January membership meeting), activities for children, a silent auction, and live music.

Gil Alvarez, principal of Northwest High School, across Tyler Road from the Country Acres Baptist Church, is working with the Westlink Neighborhood Association to identify high-school students who might wish to help deliver the associations’s LinkLetter newsletter, assist at the Memorial Day party, or do other kinds of community service for the association. I will also be contacting households within the association’s boundaries to find people interested in any volunteer opportunities.

Wichita Independent Neighborhoods, the umbrella organizations over all the neighborhood associations, is working to see whether any additional neighborhoods  on the West side of Wichita, would like to set up neighborhood associations. The newly elected mayor of Wichita, Jeff Longwell, was a strong supporter of the Westlink Neighborhood Association and will now be in a position to help develop other neighborhood associations in Wichita. There is hope that Wichita will be able to attract the national organization of neighborhood association to hold it annual meeting in Wichita within the next few years.