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The 2015 Legislative Session in Kansas

14 Jun

The 2015 legislative session in Kansas is over. Republicans had veto-proof majorities in both houses and a firmly entrenched governor. But most of the legislation passed hurt the people of Kansas, especially the poor and the lower middle-class. So that makes 2016 a promising election year for the Democrats.

The legislative session was the longest and the most expensive one on record. Fiscal issues prevented the constitutionally required tax and budget bills from being passed until the session went 23 days over the budgeted 90 days, costing the state more than half a million dollars, added to the multi-million-dollar shortfall of income needed to reach the constitutionally required balanced budget for the coming year. At this point the governor has to cut spending. already dramatically lower than what is necessary to provide adequate education and infrastructure for the state. Education operaing costs, in particular, already under court order to be adjusted upwards, has instead been cut significantly, and education is by far the largest single iteme in the state budget..