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Gearing Up

4 Jul

I’m still looking for a campaign manager, a treasurer, a fund-raiser, an internet-marketing specialist, and a volunteer coordinator. At the moment I’m doing all five jobs myself, and I haven’t had much success. I’m planning to make a few calls (I figure 50 calls may be necessary for each recruit) starting over the 4th of July weekend to registered Democrats in the precincts or the 100th Kansas House District, which should be my best source for such help (and which would leave Democrats outside the 100th Kansas House District to help with campaigns in their own districts or on a national level) and for filling 19 or 20 precinct committeemen/committeewomen vacancies.

My target is to get as many campaign team members & precinct people as possible by the end of 2015, so as to start concentrating on serious fund-raising, marketing without spending (visiting Democrats, having listening meetings, blogging more regularly, sending email blasts and letters to editors, website development, search engine optimization, etc.), and marketing through spending (yard signs, mailings, additional business cards and flyers/door-hangers, etc.).