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Revisiting the campaign plan 1

11 Sep

Since my last post I’ve had some delays and a two-week vacation, so the campaign is at the same point it was then. I still want to target recruiting campaign team members and 10 to 15 precinct committeemen or committeewomen by the end of 2015; I just have less time in which to do it, only the rest of September and all of October, November, and December.

Now my immediate target date is to recruit a campaign manager, at least one other campaign team member, and at least two precinct committeemen or committeewomen by the end of September. Then I can set target dates for October’s recruiting.

Meanwhile, I have continued to keep up with new developments in my campaign emphasis on economy, education, environment, and equal opportunity as they affect Kansas. Kansas continues to lag behind surrounding states and the country as a whole in economic development, continues to show dangerous tendencies resulting from the ongoing underfunding of education, continues to ignore environmental problems, and continues to see disparity between the poor and the wealthy increase. Governor Brownback’s Republican administration continues to idolize the discredited trickle-down voodoo economics of Leffler, who was discarded as an advisor by President Reagan before the end of his second term. Right now, 2016 is looking pretty good for Democrats in Kansas.